If you like french toast but could do without all the sugar, gluten, and other junk you find in regular french toast then this recipe is for you.

After making this I wasn’t sure how it would taste but I have to admit it was pretty damn good!

I definitely recommend giving it a shot.

My paleo french toast is:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Grain-Free
  • Very Low Sugar
  • Lactose-Free

Total Time:                                                    Roughly 5 min.



  1. Whisk an egg in a bowl and transfer to a plate
  2. Dip both sides of the paleo bread in the egg
  3. Melt two tbsp. of the ghee in the skillet
  4. Place paleo bread in the skillet once ghee has melted
  5. Cook on each side until slightly brown(It should take approx. 30-60 sec. on each side)
  6. Transfer to a plate
  7. Top with ghee and maple syrup
  8. Enjoy!

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